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The Young Quaker Podcast

Episode Eight: Full Show Notes

Jun 22, 2018

Welcome to the Young Quaker Podcast! This episode we’re talking about Young Friends General Meeting, and why spaces for young adult Friends are so important. Below you can find a list of links mentioned in the podcast, as well as a mini glossary of any Quaker terms that were used in this episode. Enjoy!

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Host: Jessica Hubbard-Bailey

Script Editing: Laurence Hall

Audio Editing: Jack Sibley

Music: Jack Sibley & Joseph Hubbard-Bailey


Young Friends General Meeting: Facebook Page;, Website;, Email;, & YouTube;

The Young Quaker magazine:

Quakers in Britain:


Glossary of Quaker terms used in the episode:

Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering- Once a year Quakers from all over Britain gather together to worship, make decisions and spend time as a community. Any Quaker who belongs to a Quaker meeting in Britain can attend and participate with the discernment of the Yearly meeting gathering acts as the final constitutional authority of Quakers in Britain.

Britain Yearly Meeting - Britain Yearly Meeting is the central body for Quakers in Britain. BYM works to reflect on current concerns within the community and receives reports from Yearly Meeting Trustees, Meeting for Sufferings and other committees.

Business Meeting - Also known as Meeting for Worship for Business, business meetings are held in accordance with Quaker values and spiritual practice to discern on corporate & community matters.

Junior Yearly Meeting - JYM is a body and a yearly gathering for Quakers aged 14-17 based in the UK. For more information, please visit:

Meeting for Sufferings - The central representative body entrusted by the Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering with the care and direction of the national activities and policies of BYM  through the year.

Meeting for Worship - One of the central ways that Quakers worship. British Quakers gather together in silence but anyone present can speak if strongly moved to; there are no set hymns, prayers, sermons, ministers, or creeds.

Revision of Quaker Faith & Practise - During Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering 2018 it was decided that Quakers in Britain’s central text ‘Quaker Faith & Practice’ would be revised to take into account new narratives, acknowledge modern challenges, and renew some business practices. For more information, please visit:

Sanctuary Meeting Programme - The Sanctuary Meeting initiative is a Quaker movement to address the migration crisis in solidarity with migrants. Local Quaker Meetings can become ‘Sanctuary Meetings’ and work towards building a culture of welcome, opposing racism, and working to change laws on destitution, detention, deportations, and removals. For more info, see:

Special Interest Groups - Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, are sessions run at YFGM’s  triannual gatherings, and can focus on topics such as fundraising, craftivism, the revision of Quaker Faith & Practice, rest, and much more.

YFGM Nominations Committee - The nominations committee at YFGM are responsible for appointing young adult Friends to roles within YFGM, a process that relies on the nominations from the community and profound discernment about who might be right for what roles at the time.