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The Young Quaker Podcast

Episode Four: Full Show Notes

Feb 22, 2018

Welcome to the Young Quaker Podcast! This is our Silence Special episode, where we have recorded a Meeting for Worship for the podcast. If you want to know about more about meeting for worship check out our mini-episode on it. Below you can find a list of links mentioned in the podcast, as well as a mini glossary of any Quaker terms that were used in this episode. Enjoy!

If you have any feedback for us or would like to be a guest on the show, please get in touch at or tweet us @youngquakerpod

Host: Jessica Hubbard-Bailey

Script Editing: Laurence Hall

Audio Editing: Jack Sibley

Music: Jack Sibley & Joseph Hubbard-Bailey


This podcast was recorded at Nottingham Meeting House. For more information on Quakers in Nottingham, see 


The Young Quaker magazine:

Young Friends General Meeting:

Quakers in Britain:

BBC Slow Radio Podcast:


Glossary of Quaker terms used in the episode:

Meeting for Worship - One of the central ways that Quakers worship. British Quakers gather together in silence but anyone present can speak if strongly moved to.

Meeting House - A venue used for Meeting for Worship and other Quaker activities.

Ministry - Although Meeting is usually held in silence in the UK, sometimes people are moved to share aloud what they feel, also known as 'ministry'. Anyone can give ministry, including visitors. Quaker Faith & Practice states: “Ministry should be of necessity, and not of choice, and there is no living by silence, or by preaching merely.” 2.61

Unprogrammed Worship - Silent worship that takes place with no hymns, prayers, sermons, ministers, or creeds.