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The Young Quaker Podcast

F/riendly Fire May Day Retreat Invitation

Jan 22, 2018

For our Witness episode (Jan '18), we interviewed Blair and Hye Sung from the racial young Quaker collective, F/riendly Fire. 

They passed on their May Day retreat invitation to share with you:

"The Religious Society of Friends was founded by those awakened to the apocalyptic vision of early Christians. They, like Christ's first disciples, knew this world was coming to an end and were ready to welcome and build the kin-dom of God. We too are ready to welcome and build the kin-dom of God. We are witnessing Empire crumbling before our eyes, and we are ready to build a new world on the ashes of the old.

This May we are gathering outside of Philadelphia as a body to invite the Spirit into our lives and ministries. We see this time together as a space to experience the presence of the living God, to fellowship with other comrades in the Light, and to nurture the seeds of spiritual revival and political revolution among us, believing these two things ought to go hand in hand.

Our time together will be led by the Spirit. We will be in the streets for International Workers Day but much of our time will be to pray, worship, and teach and nourish one another in revolutionary Kin-dom praxis.

We are unafraid of naming capitalism and the state as demonic systems, and white supremacy as the United States' original sin. Legislation and reformism won't save us. We believe to revolt is to love God and God's children.

Join us for the F/riendly Fire May Day retreat.

Comrades in the Light, unite!"