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The Young Quaker Podcast

Full Show Notes for iTunes listeners

Nov 17, 2017

Here are the full show notes for any iTunes listeners:

Welcome to the Young Quaker Podcast! This is our very first episode and today we’re talking about beginnings, with an introduction to Quakerism, personal journey to spirituality, and a discussion how we can begin to build a better world. We hope you enjoy our first show as we begin our exploration of the young adult Quaker experience.

Below you can find a list of links mentioned in the podcast, as well as a mini glossary of any Quaker terms that were used in this episode.

Host: Jessica Hubbard-Bailey

Music: Joseph Hubbard-Bailey

Audio Editing: Jack Sibley

Script Editing: Laurence Hall


Nottingham Young Quakers:

The Young Quaker magazine:

Young Friends General Meeting:

Quakers in Britain:


Glossary of Quaker terms used in the episode:

5 Testimonies - Quakers don’t have a fixed creed but Quaker faith springs from a deeply held belief in living our lives according to our spiritual experience. Quaker testimonies are the expression of our spirituality in action. There are five key testimonies integral to Quaker faith: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, and equality.

Advices & Queries - A short collection of questions and suggestions which Quakers use to help them think, pray and reflect on their spiritual lives. It is also part of Quaker Faith and Practice, which is an attempt to express truth through the vital personal and corporate experience of Quakers, and you can read it online here:

Area Meeting - Area meetings are the primary business meetings for Quakers and are made up of several local Quaker meetings. They are accountable for things like Quaker weddings, setting policies, supporting local meetings, and appointing people to positions of responsibility.

Elder - Eldership is a responsibility that Quakers can take on in their local meeting. Elders care for the people that attend Quaker meetings and nurture the meeting's spiritual life in particular.

Meeting for Worship/Quaker Meeting - One of the central ways that Quakers worship. British Quakers gather together in silence; there are no set hymns, prayers and sermons, or ministers and creeds.

Meeting House - A purpose built venue used for Meeting for Worship and other Quaker activities.

Membership - The formal process of becoming a member of the Society of Friends in which an application is put to Area Meeting.

Ministry - Although Meeting is usually held in silence in the UK, sometimes people are moved to share aloud what they feel, also known as 'ministry'. Anyone can give ministry, including visitors.