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The Young Quaker Podcast

Recent Media Coverage

Apr 11, 2018

The Young Quaker Podcast has been making a splash recently in local, national, and global media. In February we released our ‘silent podcast’, broadcasting an entire Meeting for Worship complete with little shuffles, chairs creaking, and the flicking of Advices & Queries pages.

The almost silent episode, dubbed ‘slow radio’, stimulated much conversation in the media around the nature of silence in a busy and hectic world, and what Meeting for Worship can offer.

The Church Times, the Friend, and The Guardian all published pieces about it, and our podcast host, Jess, was interviewed on local and national Radio stations and for a short BBC film about the decision to broadcast a Meeting. The news story even made it to the States when it was covered by NPR, and the podcast gained over 900 downloads in 24 hours while the coverage was happening.

You can find a list of links to the interviews and articles published below:


The Guardian article written about the silent podcast:…/an-oasis-of-calm-quaker-group…


A short film made by the BBC about our silent podcast recording. It was recorded on Wednesday 4th April at Nottingham Meeting House, and despite being filmed, the Meeting we had there was also surprisingly beautiful and gathered:


A write-up by about our silent episode, and why it “feels like the highest, purest expression of the podcast”:


The Church Times' article covering the story:


Podcast host Jess on BBC Radio Nottingham on The Breakfast Show, talking about why we recorded our silent podcast, and the value of quietness in our busy lives:


NPR’s coverage of our silent podcast:


Jess on local BBC Radio stations in England, talking to Georgey Spanswick on her show Georgey Tonight about the podcast, who the Quakers are, and what Quaker silence is really like.


Jess on BBC Radio 5 Live, talking about the podcast, spiritual diversity in Quakerism, and how faith and science don't have to be mutually exclusive:


Jess, and her husband Joe, on BBC Radio Nottingham talking about how they came to Quakerism, and how silence plays a role in their faith:


An article written by our host, Jess, about being a young Quaker and making the podcast: