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The Young Quaker Podcast

Oct 22, 2018

Welcome to the Young Quaker Podcast! This episode we’re talking about young Quakers and how we can and are shaping the future of Quakerism. Below you can find a list of links mentioned in the podcast, as well as a mini glossary of any Quaker terms that were used in this episode. Enjoy!

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Host: Jessica Hubbard-Bailey

Content Creators: Jessica Hubbard-Bailey & Ulysses Jones

Script Editing: Laurence Hall

Content Audio Editing: Kylie Noble & Jessica Hubbard-Bailey

Technical Audio Editing: Jack Sibley

Music: Jack Sibley & Joseph Hubbard-Bailey


Friends Journal Aug 2018 Issue ‘Going Viral With Quakerism’:

EYAQ project officer Naomi Major:

The Young Quaker magazine:

Young Friends General Meeting:

Quakers in Britain:


Glossary of Quaker terms used in the episode:

1895 Manchester Conference - A Quaker conference that took place in Manchester UK in 1895, and often described as the “birthplace of liberal Quakerism” for decisively shifting British Quakerism toward liberal theology and modern social witness.

Area Meeting - Area meetings are the primary business meetings for Quakers and are made up of several local Quaker meetings. They are accountable for things like Quaker weddings, discerning policies, supporting local meetings, and appointing people to positions of responsibility.

Britain Yearly Meeting - Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) is a gathering held for Quaker members and attenders once a year, and the central body for Quakers in Britain. Yearly Meeting works to reflect on current concerns within the community and receives reports from Yearly Meeting Trustees, Meeting for Sufferings and other committees. Sometimes BYM is also used to refer to the national organisation of Quakers in Britain.

Faith in action - A phrase often used to describe the Quaker commitment to witness; a way of living out our faith in the world and enacting change through our Quakerism.

Friends Quarterly - The Friend’s sister publication, and a weekly Quaker magazine published in London. For more info please see

Meeting for Sufferings - The central representative body entrusted by the yearly meeting gathering to be responsible for running the national business and support the spiritual life of Quakers in Britain, when gathering is not in session.

Meeting for Worship - One of the central ways that Quakers worship. British Quakers gather together in silence but anyone present can speak if strongly moved to; there are no set hymns, prayers, sermons, ministers, or creeds.

Membership - The formal process of becoming a member of the Society of Friends in which an application is put to Area Meeting.

Quaker Faith & Practice - The central Quaker text which describes the current processes of British Quakerism and an attempt to express truth through the vital personal and corporate experience of Quakers. Read it here:

Quakers & equal marriage - After an extensive period of discussion and discernment, in 2009 Quakers made the decision to campaign for the right to marry same-sex couples in Quaker meetings for worship, and to change parts of Quaker Faith & Practice to recognise and celebrate same-sex relationships. For more info, see

Revision of Quaker Faith & Practice - During Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering 2018 it was decided that Quakers in Britain’s central text ‘Quaker Faith & Practice’ would be revised to take into account new narratives, acknowledge modern challenges, and renew some business practices. For more information, please visit:

Ride for Equality and the Common Good - A bike ride that took place this summer from Cumbria to London to petition our government for an end to welfare cuts, and a commitment to renew the welfare state. For more info please see

Society of Friends - Another name for the Quaker community

The Friend - A UK-based Quaker magazine, for more info visit:

Woodbrooke - A Quaker-based learning centre that runs residential programs and online courses on a wide range of spiritual topics and Quaker business courses.

YFGM - Young Friends General Meeting is the national organisation for young adult Quakers in Britain. Their main events are the three General Meetings which take place around the country in February, May and October each year. Learn more here: